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Company Overview

Plaqless is a privately held startup company founded in 2014 with the goal of improving oral health by perfecting the brushing experience. Plaqless specializes in analyzing signals in complex environments like the human mouth by applying unique image processing algorithms. Plaqless has developed an innovative low power smart toothbrush fitted with a sensor (camera) and LEDs that are able to detect the plaque automatically, a powerful programmable device analyzes the data received and provides real time indications and brushing guidance to the user. Plaqless is funded by leading investors and supported by a Top Medical Team.


Over 15 years of experience in managing large-scale projects as well as leading ASIC/VLSI design teams, Application, and customers. Prior to Plaqless Yuval served in many design and customer support positions internally and abroad. Yuval began his career as a design engineer at Intel after which he joined Siverge Networks where he became a design team leader. Later on he started the customer application team at Siverge, becoming the major focal point for customers' presale and technical issues. Yuval then joined Marvell Semiconductor, where he heads the RMA and system tests groups, managing 20 engineers directly and in a matrix organization. Mr. Shani holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Coventry University.

More than 20 years-experience as General Manager and founder of biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Served as a fighter pilot and a high-rank commander in the Israeli Air Force. David initiated and managed Cure medical a 10,000 square ft plant for I.V Solutions, Dialysis and Chemotherapy drugs, later on Mr. Tavor was the CEO of Hadas Natural products, Minapro and Purewaters dealing with micro algae and purification of water respectively. Mr. Tavor managed Fluorinex; a dental care company which developed a teeth whitening and Fluorination devices that are sold in the USA, Canada and Israel. David is the Chairman of PharMedica Ltd. and also the consultant to Colgate, and its business representative in Israel for identifying technologies for acquisition, investment and cooperation. Mr. Tavor holds an MA Degree in Political Science and National Defense Studies, and MBA studies.

Over 18 years of experience in managing large scale projects which include hardware, software and chip design starting from definition till deployment in the field. Shlomi was a senior design engineer at Zoran after which he founded and was the VP R&D of LynxVision, a startup company developing video compression chips. Mr. Gadol later on joined Resolute Networks as a team leader and project manager, the company was acquired by BATM. Shlomi then joined Imagine Communications as a project manager of development and then became a director of project management at Bigband Networks. Mr. Gadol holds a BA & M.Sc of Computer Science from the Open University.

Yuval Shani |

Founder & CEO

David Tavor |

Active Chairman of the Board

David Tavor |

Active Chairman of the Board

Shlomi Gadol |

Co-Founder & VP R&D

Plaqless - Smart toothbrush

Top Management

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