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Plaqless develops a unique Smart Toothbrush that automatically detects plaque and operates to remove it while providing real time feedback to the user.

Based on its patented plaque detection algorithm, Plaqless toothbrush will indicate if the current brushing area is clean or needs more brushing, if abrasive pressure is applied and alert about areas that have not been brushed, Plaqless believes that knowledge is the way to better oral care.


Plaqless - Parental Control


Plaqless technology makes brushing fun for kids and provides parents the ease of mind that their kids are brushing correctly. Brushing becomes a fun and educational experience by adding games, accumulating points as more plaque is removed and sharing the results with other family members.


Plaqless Toothbrush

IOT - Preventive Dentistry

Future development – Coming soon. For more informtion contact us here.



Plaqless toothbrush is able to accurately detect plaque infected areas.

Plaquless Technology

Plaqless toothbrush provides real time feedback to the user.



Plaqless Technology

Plaqless technology utilizes a toothbrush head comprising of a small camera (sensor) and LEDs. The brush body includes a programmable device for running image processing and algorithms.


Using the Florescence effect of plaque germs reacting to ignition light and returning light of a different wavelength, the toothbrush is able to accurately detect the plaque infected areas.


Plaqless applies powerful algorithms and image processing to overcome the obstacles of water, toothpaste foam, bad lighting and vibrations that occur due to the fact that the device is hand held.

IOT - Preventive Dentistry 

With the Plaqless Smart toothbrush you can connect directly to your dentist, go to check-ups or specific procedures only when needed and save valuable time and money. Using the Smart toothbrush to scan the teeth once a month without toothpaste or water and Plaqless will do the rest! The pictures will be processed by our algorithms and sent to the dentist for examination.



Plaqless - Smart toothbrush
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