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Plaqless - The revolutionary smart toothbrush that automatically detects plaque and provides Real time brushing guidance.

Plaqless is a privately held startup company founded Jan 2014 developing an innovative smart toothbrush designed to achieve perfect brushing. The Plaqless brush will detect the plaque automatically and provide real time indications and guidance to the user. Plaqless is funded by leading angel investors and funds and supported by a Top Medical Team.

Company Overview

  • Automatically identifies plaque infected areas.

  • Displays Real-Time brushing guidance information on a mirror or any smartphone / tablet

  • Personalized preventive dentistry - share data with your Dentist

  • Parent control - know the kids' brushing habits

  • Fun & educational – enhancing brushing experience for kids

The Company

Based on its patented plaque detection algorithm Plaqless smart toothbrush automatically detects plaque infected areas, notifies in Real-Time if current brushing area is clean, if abrasive pressure is applied and alerts about areas that have not been brushed guiding the user to achieve effective brushing

Plaqless - Real time Plaque Detection toothbrush

Plaqless, Automatic plaque detection, Oral care, Innovative toothbrush, Preventive Dentistry

Smart Toothbrush Main Features

Plaqless, plaque detection technology, IOT - Preventive Dentistry

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